About Us

The Candywood Whitetail Ranch was established in 2016 by the mutual collaboration of the Candella family and Mullenax family. This 275 acre ranch is ideally situated within the basin of Ohio’s Western Reserve Territory & boasts acres of timber, fields of grain crops, and vast areas of multifloral brush that provide premium whitetail habitat.

Our Mission
At Candywood Whitetail Ranch our mission is to facilitate the public use of this land in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. It is our goal to promote hunter education as well as create good relationships with our hunting preserve neighbors, wildlife officers, and surrounding community. We will strive to acquire education of wildlife management practices as well as protect non-game species. It is our quest to build and sustain long-term relationships with sportsmen across the land by providing quality hunts in a safe, ethical, and diligent manner. Our staff will strive to maintain this proclamation dated January 1, 2016.